We're a T-shirt factoryWe're quick, precise and have 100% color stability
We're a T-shirt factoryWe're quick, precise and have 100% color stability

Alliva, spol. s r. o.

T-shirts and us...

We like to say that we are a "T-shirt factory..." Yes, we really are, and we're proud of it. But we so much more than just "T-shirts". We have come a long way over the twenty years that we have been involved in the manufacture of advertising and professional clothing, and during our journey we have expanded our product range and production technologies significantly.
So we really are into "T-shirts" - and not only them - big time!

So, we're a factory...

At the very beginning there was an idea and mainly a desire to create an individual and quality item of clothing. We also understood that the time factor will be important. And so we created the concept of a "factory", a firm with rapid production under one roof.
So we implement the entire process "in house", which makes the entire production process faster and as effective as possible.

And the factory is really packed full of technology.

We don't sleep. We don't let any new technology pass us by. The added value of our products is the ability to communicate. And there are countless ways for your T-shirt, jacket or cap to speak. For a long time now we have not relied solely on silk-screen printing - although truth to tell we like it.
We embroider, we print and we use more than 50 different textile applications which turn an ordinary T-shirt into "your T-shirt". And your T-shirt tells the world just what you want and need it to.

With people and for people.

We sew for people and rely on them. We base our business on the people who make up the team. The team in an T2U T-shirt.

A smoothly operating, experienced team. We are well aware that you - our customers and partners - are also an integral part of our team.

We do everything we can to make sure that you look forward to every new item and come back to us happily. We always seek out the optimum variant, including financial, of order implementation. Our team specialists focus on fashion trends and have a good knowledge of the possibilities of production technologies.
We know how to find way for you to buy what you really need.

We have someone to thank - and we are grateful for it.

We have worked for clients with whom it was a joy to do business. The fact that many of you have returned to us over the years shows that we were right to believe that this happiness was mutual. Amongst you our customers there are strong players in Czech marketing, significant international corporations and advertising agencies. However we want to thank everyone who has decided to let our business intention be part of theirs.
We thank each and every one of you for being able to go part of the journey by your side.


Who works with us (apart from, for example, PIM, Škoda Auto, Karlovarské minerální vody)

You can look at our references in the section gallery


We work with the best:

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